School Rules/ Policies


1. Refinement of manners, habits of obedience and order, cleanliness of person, neatness in dress and punctuality and is required at all times.
2. Order and silence is to be kept during the school hours.
3. Pupils are expected to make good any damage to building furniture, library books, plants and any property belonging to the institution. The same applies to any damage caused to the books or to any other articles belonging to another student.
4. The pupil should come to school in school uniforms, they should dress up neatly. Cleanliness of dress, nails, shoes, socks, hair and nose is considered very strictly.
5. The pupil must give his school fees upto 15 of every month otherwise they will have to give fine.

6. On Second Saturday of every month the guardians must come for guardians meeting with their wards.
7. No student is allowed to leave the class room without the permission of the teacher and principal.
8. Book, magazines, miss-behavior, insubordination to teachers, any kind of cheating or serious misconduct are sufficient reason for the dismissal of a child.
9. Students are expected to pray together for themselves, their parents, for the country and public needs when the Principal/Manager will ask them to do so. Such prayers will respect the religion of any students.
10. The route and the stops of the conveyance shall be fixed by the school management as for as practicable taking into consideration the large interest of the students. However the school management reserves the right to modify of make any other change as it desires which shall be final.