Libraries provide another space for children to learn, in other words libraries are gateways to knowledge and culture. Hence we have come up with well stocked libraries in the school premises. It is also ensured that every kid has easy access to all the types of books that’ help them building a brighter future, by developing a wide reading habit in every kid.


We ensure the learning in our school campus is more practice oriented than merely memorizing. It has always been one the most important topic of discussion among educators around the globe. Hence we came up with the solution to build laboratories for all kind of practical studies. Such as science lab, math lab, computer labs etc.

School Building

Providing the most spacious, and well planned architectural features in the town there are classrooms with good ventilation systems integrated. There are also pleasant looking classrooms that motivates students and teachers to perform and attend the classes without skipping classes.

Transport Facility :

  1. The school has its own fleet of transportation service with 50 air-conditioned buses categorized for senior and junior students.
  2. These bus services can be availed at anytime by parents.
  3. The buses run as per the directive guidelines of the UP government.
  4. The bus picks up children at the allotted time and from allotted bus routes. (There could be possible delays due to unseen hurdles).
  5. Each bus is driven by well trained and licensed drivers and has the presence of an attendant to escort the child safely.
  6. Each bus has a GPS wireless system inbuilt for the safety assurance of all the kids. In case of any delay, a message will be sent to the school which informs parents of all the students.


The best Accommodation facilities in the best hostel schools Assumption Pubic school is setting standards for residential school education in Barhalganj.
As one the best hostel schools in Barhalganj, we pay attention to the needs of each student separately. Keeping all the residential students inclusive, we aim at developing every students as a better individual. What makes us exceptional is that learners are taught how to balance their lives and focus on their strong suits, whether it be academic or co-curricular.

  • Homes not Hostel
  • Room and Dormitories
  • Tuitions
  • Cleanliness and Hygiene
  • Drinking Water
  • Power Backup
  • Wi-Fi Internet
  • Hostel Mess

Homes not Hostel: Understanding the needs of our students we ensure that the environment is healthy and ragging free. There is a spirit of companionship & understanding between seniors and juniors.
The hotel has 3 storey building. Each floor is supervised by an experienced house aren't and warden as well, who take care of emotional support of the children.

Room and Dormitories: All the rooms in our hostel are well equipped and ventilated alongwith air-condition facility for all the students.
We also provide study table and wardrobe for each student that lets them stay organized and focused. Each floor has cubical for shower tabs, basins and WCs and ICs Toilets.
There are common rooms with TV and cable connection including reading area stoked with books, magazines and board games.

Tutions: For personal growth and to elevate their process of studies of the students, we have appointed tutors to give tuitions after school. Tutors also act as mentor who counsel students on real life issues besides their academic concerns.

Cleanliness and Hygiene: Excellent hygiene is maintained ensured through regular maintenance. The dedicated staff for hostel services is efficient, helpful and co-operative.
Drinking Water: Clean RO water supply and maintenance is assured in the hostel, on the regular basis.

Power Backup: There is 24X7 security and power backup with quick maintenance service available at the hostel premises, keeping the comfort of the students in mind.

Wi-Fi Internet: To access the required content emphasizing the modern education Secure Wi-Fi connectivity is also available for students to use under supervision.

Hostel Mess: Our mess provide good quality food made with fresh ingredients every day. Keeping hygiene, quality and freshness of the food, it is made sure that every student get at home experience while enjoying their food.

Indoor and Outdoor Games: There are game facilities like carom, table tennis, badminton, Synthetic Basket Ball Court, Football, Hockey etc. are available for fitness and adequate entertainment of the students.

Staff Room

The presence of staff room in every floor with at least 12-15 teachers is a condition which is fulfilled by us since the beginning, to promote discipline and a brainstorming atmosphere for teachers as well. We have a total of 5 staff rooms with individual work area for the convenience of teachers of the school.

School Canteen

Having a good eating habit supports children’s health and growth minimizing the risk of illness. Our school canteen team prepares healthy, nutritious and fresh meals everyday on site. We work with the most diligent suppliers that meet the stringent criteria and fulfill the nutrients requirement of the food prepared in the canteen.

Science Lab

We emphasize hands on practical training for all of our students studying the relevant subjects. Lab work helps bring forth the child’s innate curiosity and channels it into a systematic exploration of things unknown. Assumption Public School’s Science labs are well equipped laboratories that provide modern scientific teaching aids as well, providing students the best quality experience experimenting science other own.

Sports Facility

A healthy body promotes a healthy mind, agreeing to this ancient statement we encourage children to be healthy in both body and mind. Sport provide an excellent opportunity, skills and concentration and foster their healthy competence behavior as well as improves the critical thinking skills.